Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General FAQ's

Is it possible for me to upgrade my unit to a larger size or a higher season?

Yes! Please contact the Reservations Services desk to ask about special rates or promotions.

Isn't my week automatically "banked" if I don't use it?

No. You control your used and unused weeks. We don’t presume to know your intentions. To save unused weeks, make sure you must contact the Reservation Services department by the reservation deadline each year.


What is the difference between Internal Vacation Banking and banking with an Exchange Company?

Internal Vacation Banking saves your vacation weeks for use within the Solmar Resorts. Once vacation weeks are “banked” with your Exchange Company, they cannot be used within Solmar Resorts but must be used at an alternate location.

Maintenance Fees

Can I book my reservations prior to paying my Maintenance Fees?

Reservations can only be secured after payment has been received for the week you are using.

When will I receive my Maintenance Fee bill?

The billing cycle for Maintenance Fees is November 1 – 30 each year. For new memberships purchased after November 1, you should receive your Maintenance Fee invoice approximately 30 days later.

Do I have to pay maintenance fees if I don't use my week?

Yes. As outlined in your contract, maintenance fees are the responsibility of each member regardless of whether you use the property.

For new memberships, isn't the first year Maintenance Fee included in my purchase price?

Maintenance fees are not included in the purchase price. To review this information, please refer to the Purchase Vacation agreement in your contract.


Does Member Services or the Developer offer any resale options for my membership?

Currently, there is no mechanism offered by the Club to assist in the resale of your membership. Although there are resale companies in existence, the Club does not recommend or endorse any of these organizations.

Does Member Services or the Resort offer any rental program for my membership?

Solmar Resorts does not offer in-house rental programs, nor is Solmar affiliated with any third party rental or resale company. If you receive an unsolicited rental or re-sale offer via e-mail or from a caller claiming to be from Grand Solmar, hang up and contact Solmar Member Services at 1-866-978-2578 or

How can I add/change/remove a name or transfer ownership of my Membership Contract?

For all of these administrative processes, please contact Trinity Resort Service at: Memberships must be paid in full and have current maintenance fees to begin the process. Trinity Resort Services will provide you with the necessary information and documentation to complete the transfer of ownership.