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Protect Your Membership From Frauds


  • Step 1. A Resale Agency contacts members with an offer to purchase their Vacation Membership.
  • Step 2. If a member accepts the offer, a broker contacts the member and sends a Purchase Agreement, along with a wire transfer form to fill out with the member’s bank account information, and a form requesting membership information. The member is told the bank account information is necessary for the member to receive payment from the supposed buyer.
  • Step 3. A fake representative from a scam Transfer Department contacts the member and sends Owner Transfer Forms and payment instructions for the member to pay a Transfer Fee to a Mexican bank account.
  • Step 4. The phony buyer is never heard from again and members receive no compensation for their memberships. The money sent by the member to the Mexican bank for the transfer fee is lost and the member’s bank account information is now in the possession of scammers.
  • Research the legitimacy of the agency or entity that wants to purchase your membership. If is an unsolicited purchase and the offer appears to be too good to be true, it is probably a scam.
  • Never share your personal details or bank account information, or your vacation membership information.
  • Never make payments to a Mexican bank account with a Mexican address.
These simple steps can help prevent monetary loss and protect your membership. Hang up or do not reply to any suspicious phone calls or emails. Verify the email has one of the official domain addresses:
Official Domains
Report to:
Official Solmar Channels
The security of your membership is our top priority.

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