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Prompt Measures in Response to CDC’s Request of Viral Tests – Latest update June 10th, 2021

We have gather all the information available, published by official channels for our Members to find accurate answers to their possible questions regarding US CDC and Government of Canada requirements of COVID-19 negative tests before traveling back home.

Please be sure to refer to this post periodically to find updates on new measures taken by both Los Cabos Tourism Board and Solmar Hotels & Resorts.

Hope you find this information useful.



Measures by Solmar Hotels & Resorts


Dear Member,

In response to the official announcement made by the US CDC and Government of Canada regarding all international air travelers arriving at their airports must provide a viral test —NAAT or antigen for the US and PCR for Canada— with negative results—effective January 26th, 2021 and January 7th respectively—, Solmar Hotels & Resorts implemented prompt measures to provide medical support, and easily accessible tests aligned with US and Canada requirements to our on-site members and guests to ensure your return home is safe and stress-free.

Solmar Resorts have secured the services of medical professionals and the certified testing facilities provided through Cabo Medical Center, certified to undertake the required  COVID-19 tests. Through this arrangement, members will receive access to a preferential rate of $24 USD per person (tax included) for Antigen tests —performed on-site at any Solmar resort—, and a preferential rate for PCR tests —performed at Cabo Medical Center facilities—. Be sure to schedule your test with the Concierge upon arrival.

Most Recent FAQ’s


Effective June 10th, 2021 | What are the new regulations by the Government of Canada?

According to latest announcement by the US CDC, CIVID-19 negative test results will not longer be necessary to be allowed access to your flight and enter the US. Please find all the related information on the official site, here.

> Important note:

Please consider that Canada Government still requires travelers entering the country to present a negative antigen test in case they are not fully vaccinated. Please find latest information here.

Effective February 28th, 2021 | What are the new regulations by the Government of Canada?

According to the Government of Canada fully vaccinated travelers who have been in any country other than Canada and the United States in the 14 days prior to entry to Canada will no longer be required to take a PCR test, travelers will be able to take a rapid antigen test a maximum of 24 hours prior to their scheduled return flight.

Children under 12 who are not fully vaccinated but traveling with fully vaccinated adults will no longer face quarantine or testing restrictions upon return to Canada.

Airports will return to random testing upon arrival rather than testing all travelers upon arrival.  Fully vaccinated travelers will no longer be required to quarantine while they are waiting for the results if they are selected for random testing upon their return to Canada.

The travel warning level will drop from Level 3 (avoid non-essential travel) to Level 2 (practice special precautions).

Please find full information at the official website here.

Effective November 8th, 2021 | What happens if I have recently recovered from COVID-19?

If you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last three months, you will be required to show proof of a recent positive viral test on a sample taken no more than 90 days before the flight’s departure and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel. You can find more information in this link.

Effective December 6th, 2021 | What if I have had a COVID-19 vaccine?  Do I still need a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19?

Yes, all air passengers traveling to the US, regardless of vaccination status, are required to present a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery.

According to the latest update by US CDC, before boarding a flight to the United States, you are required to show the following:

  • All passengers either fully vaccinated or not: Must provide proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 1 day (24 hours) before travel.
  • Children under 2 years old do not need to test.

Who is required to show proof of a negative test prior to departure from Los Cabos?

Travelers returning to the United States are required to show proof of a negative test prior to their departure from Los Cabos.

Do children need to get tested as well?

Yes. According to the CDC, anyone above the age of 2 must get tested before departure. In the case of returning to Canada, travelers 5 years of age or older must get tested according to the Canadian Government.

What happens if my country of residence (such as Canada) requires a PCR test before boarding my flight?

Through an agreement that has been formalized with a Cabo Medical Center —within a walking distance—, to have PCR tests available for our guests and members. Please note that PCR test cannot be conducted on-site. Stay tuned for further details regarding pricing. 

Are there enough tests available in Los Cabos?

Yes. Los Cabos’ tourism authorities are working in partnership with the hotels, local, and state authorities to ensure testing is widely available and offered to all travelers visiting the destination. Additionally, all hotels and vacation ownership clubs in the destination are equipped with the Antigen test and medical personnel to provide the test along with the medical certificate required by the CDC, as well as PCR tests required by Government of Canada. Hotels, hospitals and labs in the destination offer the medical certificates in the form needed by these authorities.

Do I need to present a COVID negative test before traveling to Los Cabos?

Regulations in Mexico do not require visitors to show proof of negative COVID test results. Still, strict measures are being followed within the destination, as well as at Solmar Resorts to take care of our friend’s and members’ health.

What kind of documentation of my test result do I need to present?

US CDC and The Government of Canada requires that air passengers arriving in the US or Canada have a paper or electronic copy of their test result for review by the airline before you board and for potential review by public health officials after you arrive in the US.

Will I be able to fly if, after the quarantine period, I still test positive but I have no more symptoms?

After a period of 10-14 days of quarantine, a Doctor can supply a note to allow you to travel in case no symptoms are presented.

Will the Solmar resorts have special food services available in-house?

Absolutely. Our main priority is your safety and health, and we are working hand in hand with the in-house Doctor in order to design a special menu based on the nutritional requirements while undergoing COVID-19. Trained staff will be in charge of assisting the in-Villa and in-Suite dining service.

Are there any designated areas for members to undergo the quarantine?

According to the Los Cabos Tourism Board, all hotels and resorts must provide a specific area in the event of a need to quarantine. At Solmar Hotels & Resorts we have assigned special areas for this matter.

Los Cabos Tourism Board Announcement


In recent days, the Los Cabos Tourism Board announced the efforts and measures directed to ensure all international travelers visiting the destination will have access to a Covid-19 test before their scheduled international departure.

Please find the highlights of this press release below these lines or visit Los Cabos website to find more information related to COVID-19 tests, here.

Los Cabos’ COVID-19 testing program will start next week (January 25th) in partnership with government health authorities, Los Cabos International Airport, and tourism partners, ensuring a seamless implementation of the measure. Travelers visiting Los Cabos can expect the following:

Onsite Testing – Tourists visiting Los Cabos will be able to get an Antigen test at their lodging facility including hotels, villas, and timeshares. The process is safe, fast, and simple given that all facilities are equipped to administer the Antigen test, which is acceptable by the CDC.

Medical Certification – Testing will be performed by the lodging facilities’ medical team that have been trained and authorized by the Mexican Health Secretary to administer the test. Once the negative result is confirmed, the doctors will issue a medical certificate on behalf of the health authorities of Baja California Sur for travelers to present before boarding their return flight.

Designated COVID-19 Areas – For positive cases, lodging facilities are prepared to implement a strict quarantine protocol and have designated specific COVID-19 areas for travelers needing to isolate in Los Cabos along with their families at a preferred rate.

Medical Assistance – Positive cases will be overseen by the onsite medical team. Additionally, hotels, villas, and timeshares across the destination have established agreements with hospitals and private medical practices to be able to support travelers needing more advanced treatment.

PCR testing – Los Cabos also offers PCR testing at select hospitals and lab facilities for travelers who require this test, such as those departing to Canada. Additionally, the Los Cabos International Airport will have a testing station to provide the Antigen test during emergency situations.
The rollout of Los Cabos’ testing program is supported by the Health Authorities of Baja California Sur and the Los Cabos Hotel Association, and will continue to be under ongoing monitoring from local tourism authorities to guarantee its safe and fast implementation. For additional information, please visit

We know that you may have many questions, so please feel free to share your comments below. We are closely monitoring all your questions, and working on an update to answer all of them with the accurate information so you can make a quality choice regarding your vacation planning. Please be sure to refer to this post periodically to stay up-to-date.

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  1. My family of 5: my wife and I ~ 75 y.o.a. daughter and husband ~ 34 y.o.a. and their daughter y.o.a. 6.
    We have a reservation for week Rancho 3/13 – 3/20 in a penthouse. I am the only one who has experienced a significant case of the CoVid-19 ten months ago. My wife and I should get the vaccine in a month or so, we should test fine. The others may get tested here in about 6 weeks to provide a measure of confidence.
    How long have you been testing visitors? Can you tell me what percentage of have tested positive? My son-in-law is very concerned, as he has a demanding position in his business. Thank you for your input.
    P.S. We have been happy owners for about 15 years!

    1. Dear Mr. Schaefer,
      Thank you for your questions, and we understand your concern. The CDC has only required this testing of all returning visitors recently, and it does not go into effect until January 26th of this year. So, there are no real statistics I can share with you on that as it has yet to begin. Canada implemented a PCR test needed for all returning visitors, but the US testing is still yet to start. To arrive in Los Cabos a health questionnaire is all that is needed. Even with a vaccine, the testing will still be required to return per US CDC guidelines. We will be sharing more posts on this topic to work to answer all questions and please feel free to contact us with any more questions, be well and we look forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful efforts to make our vacation a fabulous memory!

    1. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anderson,

      We are so happy to read you and receive your kind words. We find them so inspiring to keep doing what we feel passionate about.

      We’ll be looking forward to receiving you back to keep enjoying this wonderful place.

      Please stay safe and healthy.

  3. Thank you for your prompt response to this problem. We noted the new CDC requirements and we’re wondering how this was going to be addressed. Thank you for your proactive approach. You have always been an absolutely class organization.


    1. Dear Mr. Braun,

      We cannot thank you enough for your kind words. It means so much for us to know we can be of help in challenging times. Soon, we will be able to meet again and enjoy this paradise together. In the meantime, please be safe and healthy.

  4. Solmar familia, you guys are doing a great job with terrible circumstances, we wish you the best and will see you soon

    1. Dear Mr. Adam and Ms. Sheila,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Comments like these fill us with even more enthusiasm to keep creating endearing experiences for you. We truly hope to see you back at your home away from home in Cabo very soon!

      Thank you for being in touch!

  5. Only members? Can guest staying in my time share get tested for $25 also?

    1. Dear Ms. Linda,

      Thank you for writing. The safety and health of all our members and guests are of utmost importance for us. We have extended the special pricing of $23 USD to all our guests and members on-site, so please be sure to book the test for you and your companions.

      Warm regards from Cabo!

  6. Do I have to have a negative test BEFORE coming to Cabo?

    1. Dear Ms. Pryor,

      Thank you for reaching out with your question. Regulations in Mexico do not require visitors to show proof of negative COVID test results. Still, strict measures are being followed within the destination, as well as at Solmar Resorts to take care of our friend’s and members’ health. We truly hope to welcome you back very soon! Please stay safe and healthy in the meantime.

  7. My friend will be flying to Canada on her return and will need a pcr test. How far away is the clinic and what is the cost of a pcr test?

    1. Dear Ms. Welcome,

      Through an agreement that has been formalized with a nearby certified clinic, to have PCR tests available for our guests and members. Please stay tuned for the next post with more details regarding pricing.

      Thank you so much for being in touch, and please keep safe and healthy.

  8. Hi. My wife and I have just completed both shots, 2 each, of the Covid vaccine. We will be at GSLE in March. What if we have no symptoms, are vaccinated and get a false positive test, can the hotel doctor release us to fly?

    1. Dear Mr. DeSimone,
      We know that to return to Canada, travelers do need the PCR. CMC has a preferential rate and this information will be available soon in an updated post. Please stay tuned and stay healthy and well!

  9. Hi – I am from Canada and a PCR test is required within 72 hours of flying into Canada. What does a PCR test cost?

    1. Dear Ms. Bushfield,

      Agreements have been made with a nearby clinic, but there will certainly be PCR tests available for our guests and members who should require them. Please stay tuned for the next post addressing this and other questions shared so far to get more details about pricing.

      Please keep safe and healthy.

  10. We are Canadian and will also need a Covid 19 test pre leaving Mexico but we need a PCR Covid 19 test. Will Solmar resorts be able to provide this test?

    1. Dear Ms. Harding,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We will certainly have PCR tests available at a nearby clinic at a preferential rate. Please stay tuned for the next post addressing this and other questions shared by friends and members.

      Our best regards and look forward to welcoming you back very soon!

  11. Will the test still be required if proof of full vaccination can be provided?

    1. Dear Ms. Dawn,

      Thank you for reaching out with your question. According to the CDC announcement, air passengers are still required to present a negative COVID-19 test result — regardless of vaccination status— in order to be allowed to board their flight to the US.

      We truly hope you find this information useful, and will be looking forward to receiving you at your Cabo home soon!

  12. Well done. We have received our Covid 19 vaccines and plan to travel there in the spring of 2021.

    1. Dear Mr. Drake,

      Thank you for writing. So glad to read you have received the vaccines. Please note that, according to the CDC announcement, air passengers are still required to present a negative COVID-19 test result — regardless of vaccination status— in order to be allowed to board their flight to the US.

      Hope this information is useful for your upcoming visit this Spring.

  13. Can you describe how the test is taken please? Is there a swab that just swabs the interior of your nose or do you have the shove the probe really far up your nasal cavity? The states have many different kinds and some are painful. Thanks.

    1. Dear Ms. Ashley

      The antigen test is the less invasive test option and is a swap and not as intrusive as the PCR. Currently, the PCR is only required if a positive test result is received on the first antigen test. I hope this clarifies your concern and be well!

  14. will you be doing the Antigen or the NAAT PCR test? the antigen test takes about 15 minutes to know result and is less invasive

    1. Dear Mr. Beletic,

      Thank you for reaching out. Through an agreement in place with Cabo Medical Center, all Antigen tests will be administered on-site. Guests and members needing a PCR test will get a preferential rate too at the nearby CMC clinic. Regarding the pricing, please stay tuned for upcoming posts addressing this and other questions sent by members. Please stay safe and healthy in the meantime.

  15. My husband and I greatly appreciate the quickness of the Solmar Hotel and Resort group getting a testing solution in place. I see that if there is a positive test, you are offering an additional week stay for the maintenance fee. It is my understanding that we have to quarantine for at least two weeks. Will there be an option to stay an additional week?

    1. Dear Mrs. Ueltschi,

      Thank you so much for your comments, we are truly glad to be of help. Our Members will certainly have the option to extend their stay for as long as the quarantine demands, paying just the cost of a Maintenance Fee per week. The additional week will not be associated with your membership weeks in any way, but an additional week added in the event it is needed by the developer of Solmar Resorts.

  16. Are there hospital & ambulance services available if I become ill while at GSLE?

    1. Dear Linda,

      Safety measures implemented at our resorts include the presence of an ambulance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, as well as an in-house doctor. The State Health authorities worked very closely with the hotel association on correct training and a plan in the event anyone is to present symptoms or become ill. We have the medical team on-site for this reason, to assure quick care by a medical professional, and hospitalization if required is very close by.

      Please rest assured that all the assistance needed is at hand.

  17. We traveled to Rancho last October 2020 just when they reopened for a week and felt totally safe. Returned to the U.S. just as as healthy as when we left. The staff was very careful and sanitation was excellent in regards to the virus. We are returning with family this May, 2021.

    1. Dear Vicky,

      We truly appreciate your kind comments in regards to the safety and health we strive to bring to our members and guests visiting your Home in Cabo!

      We will be looking forward to your visit in May to keep sharing this beautiful paradise!

  18. So are you saying guests are required To wear masks while sitting out by pool even if we’ve had the vaccine and that meals are not going to be served out by pool ?

    1. Dear Eileen,

      Our guests and members are not required to use face masks while staying in open-air spaces. To reinforce social distancing beach and pool loungers have been arranged keeping the recommended distance, as well as tables in our restaurants, among many other measures followed.

      Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for writing back!

  19. Hello Grand Solmar family.
    My family & I are scheduled to travel to Cabo San Lucas next mont (September). Is Grand Solmar Resort requiring we test negative for covid19 before we arrive to the resort? Is the Mexican government requiring we test negative for covid19 before we arrive in Cabo?

    1. Dear Laura. There is no government requirement for travelers who visit Mexico to present a negative Covid-19 test. You will only be required to fill a questionnaire upon arrival. Hope you find this information useful. We’ll be looking forward to welcoming you!

  20. Does the trip insurance purchased, cover the cost of having to remain at Solmar if myself or a family test positive while in Cabo?

    1. Dear Mrs. Perry,

      We invite you to visit the FAQ’s on our members Blog, where you will find specific information:

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