Vacation Exchange


As a Vacation Club member, you have the option of depositing your vacation week through Interval International.  You will have the flexibility to enjoy other resorts in different destinations.

As a Floating or Fixed member of Grand Solmar Land’s End or Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas, you must complete the following formal request to deposit your week with Interval International.

    Additional information for Fixed Member

    You will receive an email reply within 24 hours confirming that your week has been deposited in your Interval International account.

    After receiving your confirmation, you may contact Interval International directly at 1-866-621-2559 to redeem your deposited week, or login into your online account at to check for availability.

    Remember, the current maintenance fee must be paid before you can deposit your week with Interval International. For payment, call Trinity Resort Services at 1-888-816-6085.

    For more information, please contact us via email at

    It’s a pleasure to be of assistance.


    The Residences Members have the option of exchanging their weeks for a vacation at another luxury resort around the world by making a deposit with Third Home.

    As an exclusive member of Grand Solmar The Residences, you can easily obtain a reservation and a check-in date in order to deposit your week with Third Home.

    How to deposit?

    Step 1: Call the Reservations Department at 1-866-978-2578 and book a reservation and check-in date.
    Step 2: Go to to deposit your week.
    Step 3: Wait for your Exchange/Deposit Confirmation Letter from Third Home.