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Membership Security Reminder | October

While many members seem to be aware of scams and the fraudulent offers throughout the vacation ownership world, it is important to take a moment and review new scam types to stay aware and protected. The pandemic has given rise to a few new types of scam introductions. What we mean is the method of how they are introducing the fraudulent offers may be slightly different than past attempts. The scams are similar:

  • Offers to rent.
  • Offers to sell.
  • Offers to provide a COVID-19 assistance sale or rental offer.
  • Posing as online Travel agencies, Attorneys, Tax officials or even your Home Resort. 

So, what has changed with the scams?

The emails used to contact members may be different from those used by scammers in past attempts. This may seem like a minor detail but it is the most important of all, as knowing the official channels and spotting a scam from the start can save you time, and avoid you falling victim to these fake offers. 

Please remember:

  • A logo can be copied.
  • A seemingly legal document may even have official addresses and phone numbers, but what can NEVER be copied or used are the official emails and contact points.
  • If the email is not the official you can rest assured; it is a scam.
  • Look for the hyphens, extra words in the extension like or They may look real but they are NOT official.

When in doubt, please contact your Member Services Team: 

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