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Travel Protection for your next visit to Cabo

Dear Member,

Solmar Resorts have been striving to make your next visit to Los Cabos a pleasant and stress free experience. We have made an alliance to get a preferential rate of $10.99 USD (regular price $14.99 USD) for our Members in case you decide to purchase the Leisure Travel Insurance. Not only does this cover treatment for any accidents that may occur while traveling, but also COVID-19 treatment is included in case you test positive. In addition to medical expenses, daily lodging, food and beverage allowance is all incorporated into this robust package so you can relax and enjoy your home away from home in paradise.

Learn more about the coverage of your Leisure Travel Insurance here.
Please enter this link to purchase it online.

Playa Grande Resort, Grand Solmar Land’s End and Grand Pacific Dunes are ready to welcome you back with the highest hygiene and safety standards. Please do not hesitate to contact our Call Center to start planning your next visit to your home in Cabo, at 1-866-668-9130.

Learn more about the coverage of your Leisure Travel Insurance here.

We know you may have some questions related to your Leisure Travel Insurance, therefore you will find the most frequently asked questions for you to travel feeling safe at all times:

1. Does my insurance also cover guests traveling and staying with me?

Absolutely. At the moment of check-in the Leisure Travel Insurance coverage starts for you and your guests.

2. When does my insurance get activated?

If during your stay you test positive to Covid-19, and the result is confirmed by a PCR test, your insurance gets immediately activated for you and one companion.

3. Does my insurance include COVID-19 rapid test before departure?

Members just need to pay the cost of $24 USD for the Antigen test. In case your test results are positive, a PCR test —included on your Leisure Travel Insurance— must be undertaken in order to confirm the result. If the result is positive, then the antigen cost gets absorbed by your insurance.

4. What is the cost of my insurance?

Your Leisure Travel Insurance is thought as a way to make your next visit to Los Cabos a pleasant and stress free experience at a convenient cost . The cost for Solmar Members is $10.99 USD (regular price: $14.99 USD). Please enter this link to purchase it online.

5. Does the trip insurance purchased, cover the cost of having to remain at Solmar Hotels & Resorts if myself or a family test positive while in Cabo?

Your travel insurance covers 10 days for pleasant recovery and extended stay for your guests at Solmar Resort, with a maximum expense per day, previous PCR test showing a positive result. To learn more about the coverage, please visit this link.

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  1. Great planning. Good for you!

    1. Dear Elssy,
      Thank you for your kind words! We truly hope this initiative helps our Members to plan their travel to Cabo with confidence.
      Hope to see you soon ay your home away!

  2. I fully appreciated the travel insurance. This took a heavy burden off my shoulders. Before going to PG, a friend and I was wondering what we would have to do if we did got COVID-19. Finding out that Solmar had us covered was a huge relief. Thank you Solmar
    Sincerely, Mary LaRee Noel.

    1. Dear Mary,
      We are very happy to know you found the measures taken by Solmar so prompt and useful to travel feeling safe. Our main objective is to provide security and safe environments for our Members to enjoy Cabo at its best!
      We truly hope to receive you back very soon!

  3. Dear Mrs. Lee,
    Yes, indeed! At the moment of check-in the Leisure Travel Insurance coverage starts for you and your guests staying with you.
    With this measure, you and your friends and family traveling with you can feel safe and secure to travel to Los Cabos, which by the way, has been doing awesome work as a destination starting from the airport to every tour and activity available within the destination.
    We truly hope to welcome you back very soon!

  4. ALL RITE. See u in January

    1. Dear Robert, looking forward to seeing you soon!

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