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Your home resort is waiting for you in sunny Los Cabos

Pre-Arrival Confirmation As a Fixed Week Owner, did you know you have the flexibility to visit your home resort at a different time? If you are not planning to visit during your fixed week, just give Member Services a call. You can learn about all the options available to travel during a different time of the year. This benefit was designed to help you use your membership to the fullest. If you cannot make it during your pre-reserved time, or don’t plan on using your reserved week, contact us and let us help you reserve a different time of year or review your other options. Internal Banking Reminder The deadline for banking your week internally is fast approaching. Don’t let the date pass without making a decision. As a member, you always have options. Please call and make a plan for 2017. Even if you don’t have specific dates in mind, call and let us know. We can start the planning process so you won’t lose your week. Phone: 1-866-978-2578

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