Scam Warning November 2020

Be aware, Solmar Resorts, Grand Solmar Vacation Club or any of the brands related to Solmar do NOT offer a rental or resale program of any kind! Scammers may pose as resort employees and use similar domain addresses to contact you. While IT at Solmar has detected and worked tirelessly to shut down many of these fake domain combinations and threats, there are always more ways these fraudsters may attempt to contact you. We are aware that many members are looking to rent their membership weeks, and scammers know this as well, as, during these trying times, many families have changed their travel plans. Be aware there is no such thing as a COVID-19 rental relief program, nor any type of incentive being offered to help rent your weeks. If you have questions about an existing reservation(s) or need assistance with your options/membership benefits please call, Member Services directly, or Trinity Resort Services. 
Always remember these 3 tips to avoid a scam – 
1. ANY and ALL unsolicited offers to rent or resale your weeks are scams. 

2. Any email not from the official of domains are always fraudulent.  

3. When in doubt, ask and report! Member Services and TRS are here to help you maximize your benefits and steer clear of scams.
Stay vigilant and stay alert to scams!

Please contact us at 1-866-978-2578 or if you have any questions or want to report a scam.

12 thoughts on “Scam Warning November 2020

  1. Thank you for this information. We look forward, again, to our 3 weeks at Solmar and away from Minnesota winter. Darrell Kvasager and Linda Osland

    1. Dear Mr. Kvasager and Ms. Osland,

      Thank You for reading us. We can’t stop counting the days until your next visit so you can catch up with the sun and enjoy your friends and family’s warm hospitality down here at Solmar. We truly hope to see you soon!

    1. Dear Mr. Steckle,

      We are so glad you read us and find the information useful and prompt. We’ll be looking forward to your next visit to this beautiful paradise that is longing for our dear friends and members. Until then!

    1. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sheets,

      Thank you so much for your message. To protect our member’s patrimony and investment is our main priority. We are so glad you found this information useful. Please stay safe and healthy. Hope to see you soon in beautiful Baja!

    1. Dear Ms. Marcy,

      We are delighted to know this notice came just in time. We will keep posting any updates on the ways scammers intend to cause any harm to our dear members and friends. We truly hope to see you soon at your home in Cabo!

  2. Thank you so much for keeping the Solmar ‘family’ informed about these scammers. I hope to enjoy two weeks there in ‘21…finally…

    1. Dear Mrs. and Mrs. Eubanks,

      We are so glad you find this information prompt and useful. We believe in being one step ahead of those trying to cause any harm, so we will keep posting any update on this matter.

      We too will be looking forward to welcoming you back very soon! Please stay safe and healthy in the meantime.

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