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Scam Alert!

Please be aware of a new scam we have detected. Callers are posing as law firms, or authorities advising members that the resort and or resort group are the subject of a hostile takeover or buyout due to liquidity issues brought on by the economic downturn. Callers claim to have resale options for those who will pay fees to transfer their ownership and receive the proceeds of a later sale. This is, of course, a scam. The statement and claims are false! Solmar has the same ownership and all memberships and benefits are in place with no change. Why is this a concern for us? The economic downturn is no secret. It has affected the entire world. While the resort group is sound and healthy, we know some members may be enticed by a financial gain made possible by these fake resale offers during this difficult year. It is important to note that unsolicited offers to rent or sell are always a scam and should be dismissed as such. When times are difficult, and financial concerns are an issue, scammers are most likely to take advantage of any vulnerability and steal your hard-earned money. Please be aware and do not fall for these scams.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or want to report a scam.

Stay alert and steer clear of these scammers!

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