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Angels can come without wings too!

There are places that remain in our heart forever, and this is particularly true for Bryan Shaul from Indianapolis, Member at Solmar Hotels & Resorts for almost a decade now, and who has a special love for Los Cabos, and a generous heart.

Bryan and some friends back home, who join efforts to gather hundreds of gifts to bring down to Los Cabos, have been an endearing support for Solmar Foundation along the years, as Dinorah De Haro, Director of the foundation recalls:

“I’ve been part of Solmar Foundation since 2012, and Mr. Shaul arrived that year with 4 suitcases packed with clothes and gifts to share with the children and families that benefit from the donations of our Members. The years to come the suitcases surprisingly increased in number, 6, then 10, 15… totaling 50 pieces just in 2019, and 62 this 2020!”

After receiving the precious treasure, a sanitizing process was held in order to follow the strict measures taken to ensure kid’s health and wellbeing.

Needless to say, smiles abounded at the sight of such a kind gesture, and children were excited to uncover the many gifts consisting of clothes, soccer balls, jerseys, toys and many more!

Take a look to the happy faces during this touching moment:

Difficult situations put our trust in each other to the test.

Thank you so much, Mr. Shaul and friends!



If you are interested in making donations to Solmar Foundation, please be sure to write to Dinorah De Haro at: or call her at: +52 (624) 145 7575, from the USA at: (310) 209 8430.
Visist the Foundation website here.

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