6 most instagrammable spots in Los Cabos, right at your doorstep

Social media has come to bridge the gap, being authentic platforms to connect, express your personality, your likes and interests in the most creative, aesthetic ways. They are the ultimate sources of inspiration, won’t you agree?

And once you set foot in Los Cabos, one of the trendiest beach destinations in the world, you won’t resist the idea to inspire your followers by sharing the most stunning spots found within. To your amazement, Solmar Resorts showcase some of the most instagrammable places. So set that camera ready and be prepared to cause a boom of likes. Don’t forget to tag us using the hashtag: #GSVExperiences !

Shall we start?

1. Sunkissed by the fountain

The rustic elements found in authentic Mexican ranches are idyllic backdrops for classy, elegant photos. At Grand Solmar Pacific Dunes Resort Golf & Spa you will find an unmissable place that blends both, Mexican spirit and elegance. Just head to the lobby and step into the inner patio framed by white stucco walls, columns with half-point arches, and a charming desert garden that boasts a fountain garnished with glazed tiles on the base.

Tip: Schedule your photo shoot at sunrise or sunset, as the resort’s warm colors combine perfectly with the rays of the sun.

2. Luxury and harmony in the desert

Part of the beauty of this beach destination lies in desert landscapes eclectically coexisting with the ocean to create incredible scenarios. To capture the epitome of such essence, visit the esplanade at the entrance of Spa by the Ocean at Grand Solmar Pacific Dunes, with its little fountain and a thatched palapa in the background with cardon cacti framing the set. 

Tip: For this shot, we suggest visiting during noon for dreamlike close-ups or editorial-like portraits. Let yourself be taken away by the peace this place radiates.

3. The beauty of simplicity

First coined by architect Ludwig Mies van der RoheIt in 1947, the term “Less is more” refers to a composition that involves just a few elements, striking light, and components that make for a perfect photo.

The long corridors that connect Grand Solmar Pacific Dunes’ suites are decorated with elegant, simple accents and rustic windows that let the rays of the sun in, creating picture-perfect shadows and luminosities over chocolate-colored wooden benches; a reminiscence of the simple yet sophisticated, Cabo lifestyle.

Tip: Tour the different buildings and floors until you find your ideal spot. Then let the light do the rest and capture the beauty in Los Cabos’ simplicity.

4. Waterfalls at the Land’s End

After savoring vintage wines, exotic cocktails, and a fine selection of Japanese cuisine at the Asian Lounge of Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa —which is indeed a gem framed by ocean views and imposing cliffs—, find the waterfall that embellishes the hallways of the resort.  Just follow the bridge that leads to the elevator and you will find a fascinating scenario for a picture that will take more than one breath away.

Tip: Sunrise will be your best ally, as the sun’s rays pour over the bridge highlighting the beginning of the waterfall.

5. Stairway to heaven

The Led Zeppelin band’s song has it right, and Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa boasts impressive stairs that go up to the main lobby coming from the pool areas. Right at the foot, you’ll find your spot. A stream of water coming out from arches that resemble colonial aqueducts and ends in a lovely fountain that is sure to add an elegant element to your photo shooting. Terracotta and subtle pinks will add that color harmony to your photo.

Tip: Choose vibrant colors to your outfit to create dramatic contrasts with the background sprinkled with bougainvilleas.

6. Infinite horizons

Showing off the spectacular view from your suite will leave some wows behind. Capture the serenity that can be lived in Cabo with the infinite Pacific Ocean fusing with the sky. This infinite horizon is best admired from the terrace of the luxurious Penthouse at Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa. Magnificent granite rock formations in the background and amazing views will transport your followers and friends right to the beauty of this destination.

Tip: Take a panoramic photo from your balcony, or tape the moment when the waves crash on the shore to add fantastic sound effects to your reel.

Ready to capture the best moments of your vacation time in Cabo? We can’t wait to see those photos, so please use the hashtag #GSVExperience

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